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Beauty Bits and Bobs
Your beautiful gel and acrylic manicure: beauty or beast?

Belated New Year’s Resolutions? No, this is a New You Resolution!10 thou shalt/not do of beauty - according to me that is!Beautiful nails the natural way It takes a long Time to Become YoungWe Support Breast Cancer Awareness!Why we need to exercise for the rest of our lives

Eye CareGeneral Skin Care around the EyesPerfect Eyebrow ShapePuffy EyeSyndrome and Under Eye BagsSkin Doctors Eye SmoothThe Skinaround the Eyes

Exfoliation and Peels Exfoliating and Gentle Peeling Products for Home useSkin DoctorsGamma Hydroxy Resurfacing CreamUnderstanding Chemical Peels IngredientsVitamin C in Skin Care ProductsVitamin A in Skin Care Formulations

ProductsAward-winningSkin Doctors Products Available in the Salon!New Products- VitadermAnesi InfiniJeunesse DNA Cronologie Facial Youth CreamGet your evenskin tone back, no fuss-TheraVine™ MelanoVine™ anti-pigmentation rangeTheraVine Sculpt-O-Vine Cellulite OilTheraVineSculpt-O-Vine Contouring and Firming Body CreamVitaderm Introductory Skin Care Kits for gifts and first time users

Skin CareYour Skin and the Silent Saboteur Stalking itAdvanced SkinCare Oils, Balms and Serums  Be Good toYour Skin - It may have to Last until You're 100!Everyday Skin Care Routines for All AgesFirst Aid forSun Fatigued SkinHealing Rose Glow FacialHow to removeyour eye make-up without trauma or tearsMicroNeedling TherapyNutrition and Skin Health-supplements for all skin problemsOzone therapy in skin care- Vitaderm Lipid Complex with Activated OxygenPreparing Your Skin for the Colder SeasonsThe importance of cleansing your skinThe mercury is rising and it is Summer HolidaysThe Ultimate Hydrating Boost-with Hyaluronic AcidThe Ultimate Skin Rejuvenating Treatment with VitadermTo Tone or not to Tone? Why do I need a toner in my beauty routine?Which Cleanser for my Skin Type?Which Facial for my Skin Type?Will wearing make-up causes breakouts?

Skin Types and ConditionsAcne - A SkinCondition, Not a Life SentenceHyper-pigmentation:a 3-step treatment successDifferent Skin Types, Different TreatmentsFacial Skin TypeForever Young Slimming TreatmentsJust Add Water - Skin DehydrationSensitiveSkin-the Good newsWhat is my skin type?

Slimming, Weight Loss and other Body Treatments
What's in a massage?Can I use Lipogon/ Nu-Contour ( Lipolysis) just once and see results or should I come back for a second treatment?Get your Bikini Body Now with Lipogon and Nu-ContourLypolysis -The Fat BusterPrevent andTreat Ingrown Hairs, Razor Rash and Razon BurnSo, what is the best solution for permanent wight loss?Stretch Marks- the most frustrating skin care issueThe Shape of your life-NOW

Special Occasion BlogsUnder The Christmas Tree 2014 
Product ReviewsVitaderm Pre-Cleanse

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