Monday, May 18, 2015

So what is the best solution for permanent weight loss?

All the Basics apply, but they are well worth all the effort!

  • You need to eat less and exercise a little bit more. 
  • Change your eating habits and regulate your food quantity. 
  • Learn to listen to your body when you eat and stop eating long before you feel full. 
  • You also need to look at what you eat. 
  • Eat lots of fruits and veggies plus moderate amounts of good fats, healthy carbs, and lean proteins. 
  • Stay away from processed foods like cakes and pastries, white bread, pasta etc. 
  • Replace these with low G.I. foods and you will see results. 
  • Exercise, a little at first and then slowly increase it as you become stronger and fitter. 
  • Please do not join the expensive gym on the corner but rather opt for fun like jogging, skipping, playing with the kids or taking the dog on long walks. 
  • These are more sustainable for those who hate to exercise and it will have a positive, uplifting effect as well!

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