Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Loose weight the easy way!


The Fat Fighters...........get body wise and shape-up!

Try our revolutionary fat burning formula and loose 2-5kg in one week!
The Lipobuster programme consists of a diet plan, supplements and after one reach one’s goal weight, a stabilizing eating plan. The diet consists of everyday ingredients and includes protein, starch, dairy, fruits and vegetables. The diet booklet explains the diet in detail and also includes recipes and other information about the supplements. All the supplements are of homeopathic origin and are safe for everyone, even if one is on other medication.

It is safe - formulated by a medical doctor and a pharmacist
Increase lipolitic levels and burn 42% more fat
Improve cellulite and stretch marks
Weight is easily maintained once goal weight has been reached

However, if you have any medical condition or are on chronic medication, please consult your doctor before starting any diet.

This 4 week course includes the following:

1 x Lipolitic injection ampoule plus syringes

1 x Leptin Boost Capsules-60 caps

1 x Appetite Control Syrup 200ml

1 x Cellulite Control Tablets-90 tabs

2 x Booster Injections-in salon only

8 x chilliSLIM Herbal Body Contour Wraps

1 x Diet booklet

Weigh-In every 2 weeks

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