Monday, September 18, 2017

Which Facial for my Skin Type?

This is a question many of my clients always struggle with. I offer quite a lot of  facials from 5 different product houses, so yes, it can be a bit confusing.

I tried to streamline the process and hopefully it will be easier to choose a treatment in future.

How to choose a facial:

What is my concern about my skin?
Is it oiliness, dryness, breakouts or is it in need of a deep cleanse?

What is my skin type?

Normal skin: This is the ideal skin type and you should thank you stars, your mother, father and their forbearers for gifting you with these genes. It is fine and even textured, firm, supple and has a good balance of moisture and oil secretions. The skin looks clear, without any impurities or blemishes and slightly warm to the touch. Pale skins will be pink in colour, and darker skins will have a mauve hue.

Dry skin: This skin type is caused by too little oil secreted by the skin. It has a very fine texture with no visible pores and may have a thin, almost transparent look. It will often feel tight and slightly hot and is prone to early, very fine lines and expression wrinkles. It is often sensitive to cold and wind, air conditioning and needs lots and lost of moisture/ oil combination creams.

Oily Skin: This skin type is caused by too much oil secreted by the skin. The skin texture may look shiny and uneven, having large pores with black heads (comedones) or even pastules (inflamed spots). It is difficult too keep clean but also very important not to over clean and dry out the skin. The good news is that oily skin tends to age slower because the sebum (oil) naturally prevents water loss.

Combination skin: This type of skin has both oily and dry patches. The oily part usually forms a “T” zone across the forehead and down the nose and chin. There may be enlarged pores over the oily part but the rest of the face and neck will be dry or normal.

Mature skin: This, to me is not a skin type but a skin condition as we were not born with mature skin but this (as we all surely know) develops slowly over time as we grow older. I will
describe the ageing process in another blog post.

Sensitive/ allergic skin: There is still a bit of debate going an about the difference between these two. However, I have always been able to contribute this problem to the use of incorrect products and it always disappears when the client uses the correct home-care products! It is usually dry with fine pores and may have red patches over the cheeks and nose. It may react to heat, cold, pressure, irritation or nervous conditions. It often responds to an allergic stimulus.

What is my budget?
There is always a facial for every budget. It may not always be the best facial available but it will address all your concerns and leave your skin comfortable and soft.

Which product range should I choose from?
If you are already using one of the product house's home care products, say Vitaderm, it is best to stay with that range and use one of the facials that they offer.

If you are not using any of the product houses that I stock and cannot decide on this,  please discuss it with me and I will find the best one available for your budget and concerns.

Please follow the links provided to help you choose a facial just for you:
Description of facials on offer

Please feel free to contact me at 082 398 9817 or for more information.

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Friday, September 1, 2017

Everyday skin care routines for all ages

I received a number of requests to explain the everyday routines one should follow to help one on a path to easier skin care, with optimal results.

There are such a huge variety of skin care products available, that it is very easy to get confused and discouraged to start a skin care routine.  This as a simple step-by-step routine that anyone can follow, no matter what your age, skin type or concern.

Assuming that you already have established what you skin type and skin concerns are, you need to ask your beautician to recommend the following products, suitable for you:

Basics: Cleanser, toner, day cream, night cream, sun screen and eye cream.
This is the basics that you will need. Yes, everyone needs and eye cream and a sun screen, no matter what your age. Please note that your day and night cream can be the same, it does not need to be two different creams, as long as it does not contain a sunscreen or products that you should not be wearing during the day, ex Vitamin A.

Optional extras: Make-up remover, exfoliator, face mask, serums and oils.
If you are just starting a home-care routine, you may not want, or be financially in a position, to buy everything that is in the salon for your skin type immediately- these are nice to have, but it will not be a disaster if you cannot buy it as well.
 If you can afford it, regular visits, once every 4-6 weeks, to your beautician, will be awesome for your skin, and use the best products that you can afford.

Basic routines that everyone can follow:
Morning routine:
Cleaner, toner eye cream, day cream, sunscreen.
Evening routine:
Cleaner, toner, eye cream, night cream.
Once a week: Clean , exfoliate, mask, tone, eye cream, day or night cream-depending on what time you do this.

Teens to Thirties
This is the stage of your life where you want to keep your skin hydrated and protected. Whether you have normal, oily/acne or a combination skin, you can keep your routine simple.

Daily Skin Care Routine For Teens to 28/30 Years of age

 Thirties to Forties years of age
This is the time to start with an anti-aging routine. Yes, anti-aging! It is not too soon as we all are exposed on a daily basis to environmental aggressors that create havoc with our skins.

Most good skin ranges will have products that are formulated to be used as an early prevention against ageing. You do not need to use all the anti-ageing products, but it is a good idea to change your eye cream and night cream to an anti-aging range. You can now also look at a hydrating serum or oil to add to you products, as it is then very easy to customize your routine a bit more. Add  the serum and oil in the morning and/or night, depending on how dry your skin are in either of those times.

How to incorporate your serum or oil into your routine:
Morning routine:
Cleaner, toner, eye cream, serum or oil, day cream, sunscreen.
Evening routine:
Cleaner, toner, eye cream, serum or oil, night cream.
Once a week: Clean , exfoliate, mask, tone, eye cream, serum or oil, day or night cream-depending on what time you do this.

Daily Skin Care Routine For Thirties to Forties

Forties and upwards
At this stage on our life, our skin texture and oil/water ratio changes and all of a sudden your normal skin products are not just doing the job anymore.

It is now time to ask your beautician to re-evaluate your skin concerns and your product range.  You will most likely have to start using a richer day and night cream and please change all of your skin products over to the anti-ageing range.

You will have to start looking at products with ingredients such as Vitamin A (retinols), collagen synthesis stimulating ingredients, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, etc that have powerful anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle properties.

You can also incorporate an exfoliator that contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids in your weekly routine.  It will stimulate cell-turnover, which can slow down as we age.

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