Which Facial for my Skin Type?

This is a question many of my clients always struggle with. I offer quite a lot of  facials from 5 different product houses, so yes, it can be a bit confusing.

I tried to streamline the process and hopefully it will be easier to choose a treatment in future.

How to choose a facial:

What is my concern about my skin?
Is it oiliness, dryness, breakouts or is it in need of a deep cleanse?

What is my skin type?
To quickly determine your skin type, please read my article about this here.

What is my budget?
There is always a facial for every budget. It may not always be the best facial available but it will address all your concerns and leave your skin comfortable and soft.

Which product range should I choose from?
If you are already using one of the product house's home care products, say Vitaderm, it is best to stay with that range and use one of the facials that they offer. If you are not using any of the product houses that i stock and cannot decide on this,  please discuss it with me and I will find the best one available for your budget and concerns.

Please follow the links provided to help you choose a facial just for you:
Description of facials on offer

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