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Prevent and Treat Ingrown Hairs, Razor Rash and Razor Burn in as little as 48 Hours.

Skin Doctors Ingrow Go, the convenient and results-driven solution that will free you of painful ingrown hair and razor burn and razor rash! You will get excellent results and it can be used by men and women of all ages.

Ingrown hair is a skin condition where the hair grows inward or sideways in the hair follicle instead of straight upwards.

It is usually a result of shaving and waxing, but wearing clothes that fit to tightly and rub against the hair can also cause this.  Dead skin cells that do not shed can also contribute to this problem.  The dead skin blocks the hair follicle’s natural opening and force the hair to grow in a different direction.  Anything which causes the hair to be broken off unevenly with a sharp tip can cause ingrown hairs.

Ingrown hair shows as red bumps on the surface of the skin and can be itchy and irritating. It can become infected and then will become larges, swollen and painful.  Sometimes one can actually see the hair that is causing the problem. 

Ingrown hair most commonly appears in areas where the skin is shaved or waxed but it can appear anywhere. It is not a serious condition, but can be irritating, embarrassing and painful.

Eliminate it!
Skin Doctors Ingrow Go cleans and purifies the affected area, thus reducing the redness and swelling and minimizes the possibility of infection. It deeply exfoliates the skin, removing the dead skin cells and unclogging the hair follicle so that the hair can easily grow correctly.

Primary benefits
Help ingrown hair to pop-up in as little as 48 hours
Smooth bump free skin
Excellent for razor bumps men get on the face and neck after shaving
Prevention against ingrown hair and burns and rashes associated with shaving.
Assists with scaring in the area

Treat it!
Apply onto a damp cotton pad and then directly to the affected area, morning and night, until the skin clears-usually 1-2 days.

Prevent it!
Apply for 4-5 days prior to waxing or hair removal, and twice per week thereafter. Not to be used on the day of a wax or exfoliation. Use it every second day after shaving to prevent this painful condition.
Always apply a min of SPF 30 if the area is going to have sun exposure and moisturise.

Isopropyl Alcohol:       antibacterial agent to help clear out infected pores
Propylene Glycol:       to deliver moisture through the skin
Acetylsalicylic acid:    anti-inflammatory to reduce the swelling associated with ingrown hairs
Glycolic acid:              a mild exfoliant that removes dry skin cells and reduce redness

Skin Doctors Ingrow Go R 450 125ml (price correct as at 1 March 2015)

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