Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sensitive skin-the good news!

If you describe your skin as sensitive, whatever the reasons may be, do not despair!  We have a product range that will assist you in getting rid of the redness, the patchy spots, the itching and burning.

What is sensitive skin, exactly? Although there is no dermatological definition for sensitive skin, the term is used to describe the skin condition of people who easily break out in rashes and get blotchy, itchy, or stinging sensations.

Our skin is a wonderful organ that protects our bodies from the outside elements, but in order to do so, it needs to be kept healthy, moisturised and oiled. However in our daily lives our skin is exposed to various conditions and products that affect the healthy barrier that makes our skins happy.

Once our skin’s natural protective barrier is damaged and compromised, it warns us by breaking out in rashes, itching, redness, swelling and pain. Finding out exactly what is causing the “skin freak-out” can be very difficult and a large number of conditions, beauty and/or cleaning products can be the culprit.

A compromised skin condition usually refers to damage of the outer epidermis due mechanical (physical) injury to the skin.

A client with a truly sensitive skin is someone who genetically has been predisposed to sensitivity. By this we refer to an easily stimulated, irritated, thin and translucent skin.

A sensitised or reactive skin is not necessarily a sensitive skin.  Sensitised skin usually has its origin in an overexposure to a chemical product, for example a chemical peel, etc.

What causes these skin conditions?

Medication and medical treatments-sensitised
Cancer radiation-compromised
Cholesterol medication-leads to reduced oil production-sensitised
Diseases like diabetes-sensitised/compromised
Over-exposure to chemicals-sensitised
Nutritional deficiency-sensitised/compromised

If the skin is then already compromised, the choice of skin care products becomes problematic and it is difficult to find a skin care range that will not aggravate the problem

The good news…
Wesson Therapeutics (the manufacturers of Vitaderm) has launched a range specifically formulated for sensitive, reactive and compromised skin.

The Wesson Therapeutics Range of products is ideal for treating all these conditions:
It has an instant soothing effect
The formulations have been screened for all known irritants including colourants and fragrances
It contains specific botanicals to soothe-the main active ingredient is Cotton Seed Extract which promotes skin healing
Ideal for Roacutane users.

The Retail Range consists of the following products:

Product                              ml Retail Price
Emollient Gel Wash              100 119
Calming Facial Mist              100 123
Repair Serum                        30 280
Recovery Cream                50 270
Squalane Complex                30 260
Micro Exfoliant                        50 180
Hydrating Gel Mask                50 240
Sunscreen SPF30                50 103
Multi-purpose Cream      100 115
Multi-purpose Cream      100 115
Ozone Balm                        15 135
Soap Bar                         150gm   43

Wesson Sensitive Facial Treatment 60 minutes R 400
This treatment offers the ultimate care for sensitive, re-active and sensitised skin conditions. Containing Cotton Seed Extract, this treatment will promote skin healing and also has an anti-inflammatory effect. It will calm and sooth dehydrated and very dry skin. It is an ideal treatment for Roacutane users as it will not sensitise the skin .

Prices correct as at 1 May 2016

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