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Get your glow back- looking at exfoliating and gentle peeling systems

Get your glow back- looking at exfoliating and gentle peeling systems

Basics on skin cells
Our skin has five different layers and each layer has a specific purpose and lifetime. New skin cells are created in the lower or first skin layer and thereafter all the cells move upwards through the different layers while changing shape and eventually die and fall off.  This whole process is call desquamation.
This journey from birth to death usually takes 28-32 days.  As we grow older, this process slows down and it can then take up to about 45 days.  As the dead skin cells take longer and longer to shed, the skin starts to look dull and lifeless.  This is then when a good exfoliating product is a lifesaver.

New age exfoliators
Until about 10 years ago the most popular exfoliating products on the market were granular-based. These granules were usually obtained from apricot pips or walnut shells, which were finely ground and then added to a cream or gel base.  The formulators for the beauty products then started to use different kinds of plastic beads as well as finer granules obtained from various plant-based materials.
Due to newer technology, the latest offering from the beauty industry is fruit enzymes in gel and cream bases. These products are much gentler on the skin and my preferred products. The ingredients that are used in these formulations are for example, pineapple enzymes or bromelain, papaya enzymes or papain and tomato enzymes.  These enzymes only need gentle friction or heat to activate it so it is a good idea to use it while relaxing in the bath tub.

What does it do?
A good exfoliator gently removes dead skin cells to reveal a smoother and more refined complexion. It should stimulate cellular activity while enhancing firmness, radiance and younger looking skin. The granular formulations tend to be a bit harsh on the skin, especially in the hands of client with oily/acne skin, as they tend to overdo the process a bit.
One should never exfoliate more than once a week in the case of oily/acne skins, and once every two weeks for all other skin types. This is probably not the advise that you have read or heard all your life, but trust me this is the way to go. If you exfoliate too much, you irritate the skin and overstimulate the oil glands in your skin and it then just produce more oil. You exfoliate again and the vicious cycle begins…….

More punch..Fruit Acids please

If your skin still looks dull and lifeless, even if you are following a good skin care routine, it is time to look at the role that different fruit acids can play in getting that glowing, youthful looking skin.
Fruit acids are classified in two different categories; Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids.
Alpha Hydroxy acids (AHA’s) that are normally used in cosmetics and cosmeceutical products are glycolic acid (derived from sugarcane or grapes), lactic acid (derived from milk), malic acid (derived from apples or beries), citric acid(derived from citrus fruit or from fermented sugar solutions),  as well as a myriad combinations with other substances. 

There is only one Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), namely salicylic acid and its related substances, esters and salts, salicylate, sodium salicylate. All these fruit acids may be used alone or in combinations in beauty products, depending on what the formulation will be used for. 
In fruit acid exfoliators these ingredients will act as follows:
Decrease the cohesion between surface skin cells-dissolve the”glue” that hold the cells together.
Increase superficial skin exfoliation
Increase cell turnover (the skin cells will move quicker between the layers)
Stimulate collagen production-exceptionally good for anti-ageing results.

Be a bit careful
Fruit acid exfoliators give better and quicker results as those mentioned earlier, but come with a couple of cautionary notes:
Please follow your beautician’s instructions on how to incorporate this into your daily skin care routine.
Please do not overuse as it can cause skin sensitivity.
Please do not use it if you skin is sun burnt or show any other sings of damage.
Please use a SPF 30+ everyday, no matter what the weather looks like.
Please stop using it if you experience any adverse effects

In spite of the caution, it is highly effective ingredients that will deliver on its promise.

The following exfoliators are available from the Beautique:

Vitaderm Skin Polishing Cream R 250/60ml

Active ingredients-Extracts of peppermint, lavender and sandalwood, apricot seed powder.
 This product is suitable for all skin types except ultra-sensitive. It stimulates circulation and revitalise the complexion.

Vitaderm Enzymatic Gel Exfoliator R263/60ml
Active ingredients-Papaya and pineapple enzymes, citrus fruit extract.
This product is suitable for all skin types except ultra-sensitive. It revitalise a dull complexion by gently and effectively remove dead skin cells, enhancing the skin’s radiance.

Vitaderm AHA Active Gel R405/50ml
Active ingredients- lactic acid, glycolic acid, citric acid.
This AHA Active gel is rich in fruit acids which work actively to smooth the skin’s surface and flush excess pigment. It restores radiance to all skin types and assists in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. In the case of oily/acne-prone skin types, the gel encourages fewer breakouts by replenishing the acid mantle of the epidermis. By restoring the natural acidity, the skin is able to protect and heal itself more effectively.

Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy R870/ 50ml

Active ingredients-
A powerful one-step resurfacing cream that can be used everyday. The continual renewing action of powerful poly0hydroxy acids, works 24 hours a day like a time-released peel, continually shedding the epidermal layer. Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy can be used to achieve instantly glowing skin with long term results on the appearance of wrinkles, freckles, age-spots and even acne scarring.

TheraVine Grapeseed Exfoliator R265/50ml
Active ingredients-Crushed Grape Seeds, Walnut shell beads, Neroli, Sweet orange
A gentle cream containing crushed Pinotage grape seeds, which sloughs off dead skin cells and makes skin look younger.

TheraVine Pinotage Exfoliating Enzyme R286/50ml
Active ingredients-Grape seed extract, pineapple and papaya extract, Sweet Orange.
A highly effective deep cleansing serum based gel which effectively exfoliates the skin.

Please feel free to look at our website: for more information on these and other products.

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Vitaderm Introductory Skin Care Kits for gifts and first-time users

Introductory Kits

Vitaderm is launching new Introductory Kits in December 2014. The first four kits will each contain the following items:
Cleanser 50ml, Toner 50ml, Day Cream 20ml, Night Cream 20ml as well as a specialized item such as a Complex or Serum 15ml.

Thi skin care selection is suitable for Oily skin that is prone to breakouts and contains Purifying Gel Cleanser/Antiseptic toner/Pore Minimising Gel/Purifying Cream/Skin Renewal Gel.

This kit is recommended for Young, Problem Free skin types, as an initial introduction to skin care program and contains Mild Gel Cleanser/Regulating Toner, Ultra-Light Moisture Cream/Hydrating Treatment Cream/Soothing Complex.

This skin care collection is suitable for Dry Skin that is prone to dehydration. It contains Gentle Cream Cleanser/Conditioning Toner/Hydrating Treatment Cream/Protective Cream/Hydrating Complex.

This kit is recommended for Dry and Very Dry skin, lacking sebaceous activity and contains Nourishing Cream Cleanser/Conditioning Toner/Ceramide Treatment Cream/Vitamin Night Cream/Regenerating Complex.

Normal Retail Price:  R392  Special Retail Price:   R333

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Under the Christmas Tree.....

At a loss about what to give your Mom, sister or that special girlfriend, in your life this Christmas? Here are some ideas to make that as easy as pie*

Under R200

Vitaderm Pre-CleanseR199
Pre-cleanse is a completely water-soluble oil-gel. It is highly effective in removing impurities from the skin. It may be used prior to the normal cleansing routine, or take the place of the cleanser. For oily skin types, it is recommended that the Mild Gel Cleanser be used after the Pre-Cleanse.  It is highly effective to combat and prevent blackheads.Pre-cleanse is popular with men as a means with which to shave.

Vitaderm Desensitising Cream R185

This multi-functional product is specifically formulated for allergy-prone skins. It provides a bridging option to calm and desensitise reactive skin. It may be used as a deeply moisturising cleansing cream, as well as a moisturiser. This product is fragrance free.  It is the ideal product to use on the body, to soothe and moisturise. The calming effect makes it ideal for eczema and rashes. This product is also an economical moisture cream for young, problem-free skin types.

 See on-line shop
Under R300

Vitaderm Firming Sauna Facial Gift Voucher
Special Facial Offer-save 50%
This treatment offers the ultimate in firming and toning effects.
Highly recommended for skins in need of a moisture surge and smoothing of fine dehydration lines.The warm plasticizing mask ensures deeper penetration of all active ingredients for a radiant complexion.
Normally R450 now only R 225!

Under R400
Phytomer Face and Body Kits  
Body Care Kit 1- R395 (normal price R450)
30ml Gommage Toning Body Scrub
15ml Hydracontinue Moisturising Body Milk

Body Care Kit 2 - R395 (normal price R450)
30ml Gommage Toning Body Scrub
30ml Tresor Des Mer Ultra-Nourising Body Cream

Soothing Face Care Kit -R395 (normal price R450)
15ml Vegetal Exfoliant
15ml Velvety Soothing Cream

Hydration Face Care Kit - R395 (normal price R450)
15ml Hydra Original Thirst Relief Cream
50ml Rose Visage Cleansing Toning Lotion

Nailologie R350
Nailologie™ is a vitamin and mineral supplement, designed specifically  to repair damaged nails and promote healthy nail growth. 30 Caplets


Vitaderm Radian-C Serum R383

This light-weight gel-serum contains new generation ingredient to brighten the complexion. It contains vitamin C in it’s purest form. The addition of hyaluronic acid dramatically increases skin hydration, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with regular use.Suitable for all skin types.


Now only  R378.40
A perfect introduction offering four essential skin care formulas which will balance, boost and beautify reinforcing your skin’s resistance to daily stress.  This versatile and convenient selection makes it the ideal travel companion.
The selection consists of:
100ml Cream Cleanser
100 Balancing Toner
30ml Pinotage Exfoliating Enzyme
30ml Super Hydrating Day Cream

Under R500

TheraVine Back-to-Basic Special R452  (normal price R758)
Purchase any Cleanser and Toner and receive a 30m Pinotage Exfoliating Enzyme FREE !

Over R500


Vitaderm Skin Perfection Capsules R625

This high performance product contains an extremely effective form of Retinol. The fact that it is encapsulated in a liposomal formulation, increases penetrationand decreases the sensitivity that is normally associated with this active form of vitamin A.
Splurge a bit ….

Skin Doctors Every Day Essentials Kit R 1549.00 (normal price R 1795)
50ml Skin Avtice Day Cream
50ml Skin Active Night Cream
100ml Accelerating Cleanser

Priori Coffeeberry® Brightening Kit- R1900 (normal price R2300)
50ml Brightening Facial Complex
15ml Radiance Eye Serum
75ml Revitalising Cleanser
4 samples
(bag supplied while stocks last)

Priori Coffeeberry® Tightening Kit- R1900 (normal price R2300)
50ml Thightening Serum
15ml Radiance Eye Serum
75ml Revitalising Cleanser
4 samples
(bag supplied while stocks last)

Please visit out website and on-line shop at

*While stocks last

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Acne-a skin condition, not a life sentence

What is acne?

Acne is a skin condition located in the hair follicles on the skin.  It can be seen on the face, back, chest and arms of both male and female.  The first signs usually appears during puberty, around 14-17 years of age in girls, and 16 –19 years of age in boys.  It comes in spurts and can be triggered by sunlight, hormones, menstrual cycles and pollution. Approximately 15% of teenage girls will require treatment for their acne.  Most cases clear up in the late teens and early twenties.  Approximately 5% of women over the age of 25 will still need treatment.

There are four main reasons for the development of acne:
  • Over production of sebum, a natural oil that keeps the skin soft and supple, due to an increase in androgens (male hormones) at puberty.
  • Abnormal build up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, and in the hair follicles, which results in blocked pores.
  • Inflammation in the blocked pores
  • Bacterial infection

What acne is not..

  • Despite the inflammation and bacterial infection that occur, acne is not an infectious ailment.
  • What you eat or drink does not cause acne.

Treating acne

There are a number of means of treating acne:
  • Medical treatments: antibiotics, Vitamin A derivatives, both oral and topical, benzoyl peroxide and in some specific cases, hormone therapy.
  • Dermo-cosmetic treatments: most of the beauty houses offer an acne specific treatment.
  • The earlier you start to treat your acne, the better change you have of getting it under control.
Treating plan using a professional salon product.

1.       Washing
This will rid the skin of excess oil, imbedded impurities and environmental dirt, without stripping the skin of all oil and causing irritation and dryness. Use a facial brush and softly move it in small circles over the effected area.

2.       Toning
This step will restore the Ph level of the skin.
3.       Moisturise
Although the skin is oily, it still needs to be moisturised.  This cream helps to lessen the shine of the skin and to restore the moisture/oil balance of the skin.

4.       Specialised acne creams
Using specialised acne creams will help to reduce inflammation, redness and scarring and will control excess oil production.

5.       Sun protection
A sunscreen is essential for acne skin.  When tanning, the outer layer of the skin thickens, and although the tan makes acne seem to disappear, this only causes them to develop.

General comments
Treating acne can be a long and difficult process.  However, with time, patience and a personalised treatment programme, it can be treated and controlled.  You do not have to “live with it”!

  • Please do not buy products that are not properly formulated for this skin condition: which are often irritating, drying and damaging to the skin.
  • Avoid squeezing and pressing the acne, as this will increase the risk of infection and possible scarring.  Please leave this for us in the salon.
  • Please stay of the sun, whenever possible.  If you have to be outside, always wear a sunscreen formulated for acne skin.
For more information, please contact us at 082 398 9817 or visit our website at

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Be good to your may have to last until you are 100!

Be good to your skin-stay safe in the sun!

Do you only use one bottle of sunscreen every summer? Well, please read further and hopefully I can convince you to be more liberal with that SPF!

What is the difference between UVA and UVB rays?
Both are ultraviolet rays that are able to penetrate your skin, but causes damage in different ways.  

UVB rays causes sunburn and can penetrate the deeper levels of the skin, damaging DNA and can trigger the growth of cancerous skin cells.

UVA rays damage the elastic fibres in the skin, causing pre-mature aging. However, according to Dr Mark Birch-Machin, senior lecturer in dermatology at the University of Newcastle- upon- Tyne, UVA light is now recognised as having the ability to radically alter the health of our skin-cell DNA, due to the free radical damage it causes, thus causing cancer.

Should one wear a sunscreen?
One should always wear a sunscreen when being outdoors, not only when tanning! However, be careful not to stay longer in the sun and so increasing the risk of burning.

“Studies are now confirming that sunscreens can protect against non-melanoma skin cancer, but keeping out of the sun completely is the best way to reduce risk”, says Dr Catherine Harwood, honorary consultant in dermatology at Barts and The London NHS Trust Centre for Cutaneous Research.  As this is not quite possible to always stay out of the sun, one should always protect oneself adequately.

Which sunscreen to use?
Sun protection creams/oils are rated according to their sun protection factor (SPF).  It refers to the amount of time a product increases your skin’s natural level of protection.  For example, SPF15 allows you to stay in the sun, without burning, 15 times longer than if you were not wearing any cream/oil, providing that you re-apply it often.

Apply a thick layer 15 to 30 minutes before going into the sun to give the skin time to absorb it.  Reapply every 2 to 4 hours and after swimming or exercise.

One should always wear a sun protection on the face, neck and d├ęcolletage, as the glare of the sun that reflects from the dashboard of your car, water, sand and other surfaces, can burn your face without you even being aware thereof.

Look at the ingredient in the sun cream.  Any word which end with –cinnamate or –salicytate protects against UVB only.  Avobenzone or Parsol 1789 protects against UVA only.  Oxybenzone, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide protect against both.

New legislation states that sunscreen can no longer be rated higher than 50+ and should protect agains both UVA and UVB. One should use at least a SPF25 on your face everyday if you do "normal' things, eg going shopping or just commuting to work.  If you are going to be outdoors for longer times, use a higher SPF and apply lots and lots and again and again and again......

Ageing and the sun/ sun beds.
Exposure to sun, damage and age the skin prematurely.  This has been proven via scientific studies numerous times.  Not only does it cause wrinkles, loss of elasticity and damage the skin ability to produce collagen and elastin, it also gives the skin a leather-like look and feel. Do you really want to look like tanned cowhide?

What about sun beds?
People who use sun beds are three times more likely to develop melanoma of the eye than those who never use one.  The British Medical Association is now advising people not to use sun beds. It reports that the risk of developing cancer increases by up to 20% per decade of sun bed use before the age of 65.  Makers of sun beds may tell you they are safe, but there is definite evidence to the contrary.  Both fair and dark skins can get cancer. 

In one session of 15 to 30 minutes on a sun bed, you are exposed to the same amount of damaging UVA & B rays that you would have been exposed to, if you were in the sun for one whole day, according to the American Academy for Dermatology.

A few people inherit a high-risk faulty gene, and some families tend to have large number of moles, which may increase the risk that these can become malignant. 

Other little devils
  • The sun bleach facial hair, and as your tan deepens, your facial hair becomes more obvious.

  • Sun tanning also darkens the colour of any scarring, even acne scars, making them more obvious.
  • The sun dries the skin out, resulting in dry, scaly patches appearing all over you body.
  • Extended exposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays is one of the risk factors associated with eye disorders such as cataracts. Sunlight reflected from the surface of water or other reflective medium can cause conjunctivitis and keratitis.
  • Even a slight sunburn, can inflame your eyes, leaving it red and irritable.
  • Only one day of improper tanning will leave your freckles darker, more and more obvious.
  • All sun exposure accumulates over time and will sneak up on you later in life.
Caring for sun-tanned or –burned skin is a must.  It not only calms and soothes, but it also nourishes, repairs and regenerates any skin damage. Vitamin C creams are a sure way to help with the after care on sundamaged skin.

Just fake it!
There is no such thing as a healthy tan. Your "tan" is nothing but a warning sign from your skin that you are abusing it, and one should take it to heart.

Fake tanning is so easy these days, with self-tanning lotions being one of the most used products in beauty salons world wide. 

Be safe and enjoy our beautiful summer weather!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

We support Breast Cancer Awareness

Vitaderm is donating R50 from the purchase of every Vitaderm Firming Treatment Cream from the 15th -30th October. 

The dontation will go the Look Good Feel Better Foundation, in support of womer who are undergoing cancer treatment.

 In appreciation of your support,we are offering thi shighly effective treatment cream at a special, reduced price for this limited time only. 

Normal Price R325
Special Price R260   

Please support this worthy cause with us and BUY NOW 

Lipolysis: "The Fat Buster" Your BFF!

Ozone Lipolysis Therapy is an injection-based treatment to remove stubborn, fatty deposits on various areas of the body as well as an effective treatment for cellulite. It can be used in areas such as the stomach, “love handles”, thighs upper arms, double chin etc. It is not a miracle drug, but can assist in breaking down fat deposits in smaller areas.

The formula consists of a soy-derived substance called phosphatidylcholine, the main chemical component in soya oil. Phosphatidylcholine is a very safe substance, which has been used by doctors in higher doses as a treatment for high cholesterol. The treatment is safe to use as the product is limited to work in small (10cm) areas, it will not roam your body.

Ozone Lipolysis in designed to breakdown fat deposits that remain unaffected by diet and exercise. It destroys the fat cells by breaking down the bonds that maintain the solid form of body fat. Once the solid fat is converted into liquid form, the body removes it via the lymph drainage system. This removal can take between a few days to a few months, depending on each body’s response to the treatment.

The medical consultant will give you an estimate of how many injections and how many session you will need, depending on your needs. For example, you may need one injection to remove a double chin. For stomach fat you may need four injections, repeated five times at monthly intervals to get results.

 Ozone Lipolysis treatments are much gentler on your body than more invasive treatments like liposuctions and therefor the results are gradual and each person responds differently to the injections. Some will lose the fat very quickly, while others will do so slowly and gradually. Most people see a difference in the areas treated within three to four weeks.

It is safe to use, however if you are allergic to soya or shellfish this is not recommended.
Minors, pregnant ladies, breast feeding ladies and people with epilepsy will not be treated.

To date, lipolysis treatments have a good safety record, but any procedure carries risks. The most problematic risk is possible interactions with other medical conditions and /or medications. In very rare instances, allergic reactions to the solution itself can be experienced.  Side effects such as redness, swelling and lumps may appear at the site of the injections, but are temporary and will disappear within a few days.

If you are interest in this treatment, please contact us at 082 398 9817 or visit our website for more information on this and other slimming treatments and products

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Vitamin C in Skin Care Products

Much has been written about vitamin C and all its health benefits, but I would like to concentrate a bit more on what it can do for your skin.

The application of topical vitamin C has been proven to increase collagen production (collagen is what give your skin it elasticity and suppleness), reduce the appearance of pigmentation (skin discolouration), helps the body’s repair processes, reduce inflammation and help the skin to heal quicker. It has also been shown to assist the skin in withstanding the onslaught of UVA and UVB rays.
Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant that slows down the effects of free radicals in our skin and body.  Free radicals are unstable molecules that “bump” into healthy cells and cause skin damage like dryness, fine lines and wrinkles.  
Vitamin C also reverse age-related damage to skin and a recent study has shown that ascorbic acid 2-phosphate, a derivative of vitamin C also reverses DNA damage (University of Leicester)
Research done at the University of Maryland’s Medical Centre, (University of Maryland Medical CenterBouchez), has shown that vitamin C may also contribute by reducing skin cell deterioration (sunburn damage) due to overexposure to UVB rays. The study also suggests that it may prevent the effects of long-term sun damage. Vitamin C assists with combating the production of melanin, the process in which your body manufactures darker skin colour due to UVB exposure.
Please do not take this as a go-ahead to not use proper SPF protection when outside, but if you use vitamin C both orally and topically, it will help to heal and repair the skin much more effectively.
The problem with vitamin C in beauty formulations is the fact that it is very unstable and can lose its efficacy if it is exposed to heat, oxidation or come in contact with metal ions that are in many cosmetic products, therefor making it very difficult to use.
Breakthrough ingredient
However, a Japanese company have overcome this problem by manufacturing a stabilised vitamin C derivative called L-ascorbic Acid 2-Glucocide, and is sold under the trade name AA2G. This breakthrough ingredient is very new on the market and does not degrade.
The company produces AA2G by combining a vitamin C molecule with 2 starch molecules (glucoside). The glucoside part act as a carrier and a stabiliser for the vitamin C. When AA2G comes into contact with the skin cell membranes, an enzyme on the surface of the cell membrane (glucosidase) dissolves the bond between the vitamin C and the starch, allowing the pure vitamin C to enter the cell therefor retaining all the biologic activity that helps the skin to become brighter, lighter and reduce early signs of ageing.
Now, for the first time, pure vitamin C can be delivered directly to the deeper layers of the skin for maximum benefit.
Vitaderm Radian-C Serum contains this breakthrough ingredient and is one of my new best friends as far as beauty formulations go. In addition to AA2G, it also contains botanical extracts of passion flower, bear berry, liquorice root and orange blossom, thereby enhancing the effects of the ascorbic acid.
The Radian-C Serum is suitable for all skin types.

Please have a look at my website for info about the Vitaderm Radian-C Serum

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New products

Vitaderm is a results-orientated range that combines the latest advances in ingredient technology with skin nutrients to achieve maximum therapeutic benefits.  The addition of botanical extracts assists in addressing specific skin conditions to ensure a more radiant complexion. The advanced multi-active formulations incorporate state-of-the-art ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glutathione, arbutin as well as protein peptides to actively renew the skin’s vitality.

Safety in cosmetics is of paramount importance at Vitaderm.  All ingredients that are suspected of being harmful, or irritating to the skin, have been excluded from the range. Due to increasing concerns over our health and environment, Vitaderm is committed to producing a range of products that is free of harmful ingredients.  We do not make use of the following:


Formaldehyde-donor preservatives like imidazolidinyl urea or diazolidinyl urea

Paraben preservatives

Phthalates (commonly found in perfumes)

Sodium Lauryl sulphate


Cyclomethicone and cyclopentasiloxane


Although the following two ingredients are not considered harmful as such,

Vitaderm has chosen to exclude them due to skin care concerns.

Mineral oil – has been found to dehydrated the skin with long-term use

Isopropyl Myristate – considered to be comedogenic

Vitaderm supports beauty without cruelty

You can now buy these products directly from the salon or shop online-no credit card required

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