Wednesday, June 8, 2011

ChilliSlim your way to a new, slimmer you!

Chilli Slim is an exciting slimming solution. The specially formulated blended herbal cream is designed to help you lose up to 30cm in just an hour permanently. Yes, permanently! The Chilli Slim products have a lasting effect and do not reverse the weight lost when you drink your next glass of healthy water!

Chilli Slim is a unique blended cream, specially formulated to target your problem areas. The cream is designed to penetrate the epidermis & to get absorbed into the bloodstream, where it stays active for up to 4 days. Once in the bloodstream the special ingredients run through your lymphatic system to promote detoxification.

Your body will then excrete all those harmful toxins that prevent the body from losing weight. The Chilli Slim treatment is a safe and effective way of combating cellulite

The treatments are done at a salon twice a week for six weeks. The wrapping treatment for your 1st, 6th and 12th sessions last an hour. This is to get accurate measurements to monitor your progress. All the sessions in-between are “Wrap-and- go” treatments.

You only have to visit the salon to have yourself wrapped, after which you leave and remove the wrap yourself after an hour.

The active ingredients in the Chilli Slim products are Capsicum, Garlic and Aloe extract. Capsicum is one of the best liver cleansers available. Capsicum is also rich in Copper, Beta-Carotene, Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin A and Zinc. These all promote and improves blood circulation. Garlic is an excellent blood cleanser and is anti-fungal and anti-septic. The Aloe-extract accelerates your metabolism & battles a spastic colon.

How does the ChilliSLIM Body Wrap Treatment works?

1. Chilli Slim Body Wrap R 1600

A series of 12 treatments are done twice a week and will take 6 weeks to complete.

Clients are measured before and directly after the wrap to determine the amount of centimeters lost.

The duration of the wrap is 60 minutes and measuring will take place on session one, six and twelve. The treatments in-between are called “Wrap-and-Go” sessions.

You get wrapped and go home where you will unwrap yourself after 1 hour.

Do not shower for at least I hour after unwrapping.

2. Chilli Slim Wrap Cream 250ml

Apply to the body area on the days in between the ChilliSLIM Wrap Treatments to get maximum results.

3. Chilli Shrink Fat Burner Capsules

Take one tablet in the morning and one no later than twelve noon.

Buy a ChilliSLIM Home Treatment Kit and do the treatments yourself in the comfort and privacy of your home for only R 1 400

ChilliSLIM Home Treatment Kit for 12 treatments consists of:

1 x Chilli Slim Wrap Cream 250ml

1 x Chilli Tone Cellulite Cream 250ml

1 x Chilli Shrink Fat Burner Capsules 60

1 x 300m Medicinal Plastic Wrap

Instructions for home treatment

Not recommended for:

-Pregnant or lactating clients.

-Persons which suffer from Porphyria or any know liver diseases.

-Persons who is allergic to garlic, cinnamon of chillies.

* Chilli Slim Body Wrap-cost for treatment is per area, i.e.

Torso (from under breasts to under buttocks) or

Arms or


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