Monday, November 9, 2015

Get your even skin tone back-no fuss-TheraVine™ MelanoVine™ anti-pigmentation range

TheraVine™, the manufacturer of scientifically advanced skincare products and the leader in topical
antioxidant technologies, announces the launch of the revolutionary MelanoVine™ range along with
two complimenting treatment procedures.

Men and women from different age groups, are affected by dark spots or patches which can occur on
the face, neck, décolleté or hands. This results due to an increase in melanin production which is
caused by a variety of factors of which the number one cause is excessive sun exposure.
When treating a skin condition like hyperpigmentation, it becomes vitally important to work with a
professional skin care range in conjunction with a specialist who will analyse your skin, help plan your
skin improvement treatment schedule and show you how to properly care for your skin’s needs at

The MelanoVine™ range addresses hyperpigmentation by making use of 2 cutting edge melanosome
inhibiting peptides, a combination of 5 active ingredients comprised of Advanced Hydrating Systems
and Anti-Oxidant Phyto-Chemistry as well as the nano-encapsulation technology of a revolutionary
bilayer liposome leaving the complexion brighter, younger and more uniform.

Combining advanced technology with the latest skin brightening research advances delivered a unique facial treatment using specialised skin care techniques to provide effective and visible brightening results.

Ideal for a dull, devitalised skin with discolouration concerns, the MelanoVine™ Pro-Brilliance
Brightening Facial is specifically aimed at diminishing uneven skin tone while also minimizing the
appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Targeting hyperpigmentation at various levels with scientifically
advanced actives and natural lightening plant extracts, this treatment will aid in a rehydrated
complexion, leaving your skin looking luminous and feeling radiant.

A glycolic acid preparation facilitates deep exfoliation of the stratum corneum cells which allow for
more effective penetration of the Solution+ Concentrate amongst other active ingredients. This
intensive treatment complex leaves the skin looking brightened and more radiant. Specially formulated for skin struggling with brown spots, uneven skin tone and a dull complexion, this scientifically formulated serum contains a synergistic blend of bilayer liposomal technology and skin rejuvenating peptides to refine skin texture, lighten existing melanin and prevent photo-ageing.The use of an energising vitamin enriched mask to perform the unique TheraVine™ pressure point massage and lymphatic drainage massage technique will further enhance the stimulation of the skin prior to the application of the revolutionary Pro-Brilliance Illuminating Mask.

The key active compound of this mask is Biowhite™, a plant complex made of active plant extracts of
mulberry and grape extract amongst others. Known for its ability to inhibit the activity of enzymes
involved in the formation of pigment, this powerful specialised active skin rejuvenation treatment has a
unique skin brightening activity on both normal and hyperpigmented skin.

- Improves the appearance of sun damaged skin by helping to achieve a more uniform
- Brightening effect on skin thus helping to create an even skin tone
- Smoothes the appearance of wrinkles and refines skin texture
- Increases radiance and vitality


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