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Why more than one Lipogon treatment?

Lipogon/Nu-Contour (lipolysis) Frequenty Asked Questions:

1. Can I use Lipogon just once and see results or should I come back for a second treatment?

Simply put; a minimum of 3 treatments are needed for optimum results with our Lipolysis injections. One treatment will yield results but not as prominently as a second or a third would be.

2. What is happening in the body after injections?

Phosphatidylcholine (PPC) is a compound that naturally occurs in your body as a membrane layer, i.e it covers the fat cells found in your body's fat reserves. When you inject PPC into those fat reserves your body uses the liquid and adds it to the membrane, this then causes your body to want more water outside the fat cell because the chemicals on the outside are more concentrated than these on the inside; so it pushes the content of the fat cells out of the PPC membrane (around the fat cell) through diffusion, into your interstitial fluid on the outside of the cell (this causes the perforation in the cell membrane) . This liquid is now in equal proportions in the cell. Now your body needs to move, so your body uses the energy of that cell for fuel, and the content of your fat reserve gets drained into your lymphatic system (finite amounts into your circulatory systems, intestinal systems as well as your muscle nervous system {these systems mainly use the energy from food you eat, the extras get stored in the fat cells and get used when you're starving, so it mainly drains into the lymphatic system when movement occurs}) hereafter it gets secreted out of the body. This is also why its so important to get some exercise so you can stimulate your lymphatic system, this fluid will then drain out of the body quicker and more effectively.

At Macno, they have added their special blend of cellulite cocktail to speed up this process of draining out of the reserves; the cocktail contains organic silica which causes slight inflammation (the itching feeling one gets after an injection) which speeds up the drainage through the correct channels and increases that areas' collagen production (tightens the skin while it's at it). Now the PPC and the cellulite cocktail move together to the lymphatic system and get secreted out of the body; that fat cell is now drained and has been secreted out, this process takes approximately 2 weeks to be completed. This is why the first month is the hardest, the body doesn't recognize the substance immediately, so it has to create all these pathways from scratch, but once they're created, they're there.

 Lipogon Slender Form Smoothie

The second month of treatment is a recognition phase: The second month is crucial because the fat reserve that was injected in the first month now has the pathways created to drain effectively. In the second month, your body recognizes the substance, leads it to the cell membrane and drains it out through the lymphatic system. Because the pathways were created in the first month, the second month your lymphatic systems drains the excess fluid out in a week or less, depending on how blocked the lymphatic system is at that point. The  tincture drops increase the flow of the lymphatic system and help speed up this process. The recognition phase is the most important phase because your body has now gained the pathways and speedily flushes the system of that excess fat deposit, and here is where you have your first glimpse of what's to come by using Lipogon.

The third month of treatment is a maintenance phase: To ensure that the body doesn't close it's pathways and store the fat back into those reserves, a third month is essential. With the third month of treatments your body uses these pathways to cement the road taken by our PPC and cocktail to maximize effectiveness, i.e whenever the body comes into contact with these compounds again ,in that specific area, it will recognize it and send it through the lymphatic system and out of the body again. After this phase is completed, a decision can be made if you're happy with the results or if you would like to carry on with a fourth or fifth treatment, where each additional treatment yields better results.

Note: if a different area is targeted (for example the stomach was injected with the first treatments, and now the thighs want to be looked at) then the process starts at the introduction phase again. The filtration and secretion of the fluid in the lymphatic system will be much quicker, since the body has come into contact with Lipogon before, but the introduction phase will repeat in the newly looked at area.

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Since it is a non-invasive procedure, patients can return to work immediately after the treatment, although there following recommendations:
  • Avoid hot showers and baths should best be avoided for eight hours after treatment. 
  • Refrain from excessive exercising and massages for the first week after treatment. 
  • It is a relatively painless procedure although patients may experience discomfort from the initial injection pricks. 
  • Light swelling, redness and a burning sensation may be experienced at the targeted areas for one to four days. 
  • Light bruises will disappear within a week. 
  • In rare cases, some hardening may occur (deep haematomas, bruises), but these disappear by themselves after 2-6 weeks.

Altogether, the therapy can be regarded as low in side-effects. If a person has a low pain threshold it is recommended that the patient takes a light pain killer after the treatment. 

For more information please read more here or phone Gerda on 0823989817

Thanks to Macno Cosmetic Solutions for the information supplied above.

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