Thursday, August 24, 2017

Absolutely Gorgeous Beautique Product Review: Vitaderm Pre-Cleanse

AGB Salon reviews are written by a trained beautician with first-hand experience with the product as well as interactive feed-back from clients for more than 13 years.

Presentation: 150ml bottle with pump

Product description:
Pre-cleanse is a completely water-soluble oil-gel suitable for all skin types.  It can be used as a make-up remover prior to normal cleansing or it can take the place of one’s cleanser. For oily and acne skin, it is best to use a gel cleanser afterwards to cleanse the skin.

Pre-cleanse is popular with men as a shaving product.

How to use:
To remove waterproof eye make-up; apply a small amount sparingly to a slightly damp cotton wool pad and wipe eye lids gently from the outside to the inside, repeat with clean, damp cotton wool. Caution-do not let the product get into the eyes.
Clean your skin gently

As a cleanser; apply one pump to the face , do not add water.  Use gentle circular movements all over the skin, then dampen the fingertips with tepid water, emulsify the Pre-Cleanse and massage it into the skin.  As soon as the water is added, the oil-gel will turn milky.  Continue to add water until the skin is clean. Rinse off with tepid water and pat dry. Follow with appropriate toner or use the normal cleanser as a secondary cleanse
General comment/s: Keep this away from steam and do not use it in the shower! It will turn milky before you had a change to work it in.

Evaluation Keys:
Product effectiveness = Does it do what it says
Value for money = Good value compared to similar products
Advanced Ingredients = Modern technologically advanced ingredients
Skin Effect         = How does it feel

AGB Salon Review
Product effectiveness:       95%
Value for money:    80%
Advanced Ingredients: 88%
Skin Effect:         90%
Overall rating:         86.25%

Active ingredients:
Vitamin E (Tocopheryl acetate)-Prevents oxidative rancidity

Best used with:  Vitaderm Gentle Eye Make-up Remover

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