Monday, December 1, 2014

Vitaderm Introductory Skin Care Kits for gifts and first-time users

Introductory Kits

Vitaderm is launching new Introductory Kits in December 2014. The first four kits will each contain the following items:
Cleanser 50ml, Toner 50ml, Day Cream 20ml, Night Cream 20ml as well as a specialized item such as a Complex or Serum 15ml.

Thi skin care selection is suitable for Oily skin that is prone to breakouts and contains Purifying Gel Cleanser/Antiseptic toner/Pore Minimising Gel/Purifying Cream/Skin Renewal Gel.

This kit is recommended for Young, Problem Free skin types, as an initial introduction to skin care program and contains Mild Gel Cleanser/Regulating Toner, Ultra-Light Moisture Cream/Hydrating Treatment Cream/Soothing Complex.

This skin care collection is suitable for Dry Skin that is prone to dehydration. It contains Gentle Cream Cleanser/Conditioning Toner/Hydrating Treatment Cream/Protective Cream/Hydrating Complex.

This kit is recommended for Dry and Very Dry skin, lacking sebaceous activity and contains Nourishing Cream Cleanser/Conditioning Toner/Ceramide Treatment Cream/Vitamin Night Cream/Regenerating Complex.

Normal Retail Price:  R392  Special Retail Price:   R333

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