Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Beauty Rules: Does and Don'ts for Skin Care

THE TEN THOU SHALT/ SHALT NOTS OF BEAUTY-according to me, that is!

In no particular order of importance, except numbers 1 and 2

THOU SHALT NOT tan, EVER!!! The sun is your enemy, NOT your friend. 
There is no such thing as a safe tan, sun beds included. It has been proven over and over and over....that the sun and sun beds give cancer. Sun beds and similar equipment are nothing but cancer machines and should be avoided at all costs. The sun is the number ONE reason for premature ageing and pigmentation.

THOU SHALT use a sun block SPF15 every day of your life. 
Come summer, winter, rain or snow you must wear it 365 days a year. Surfaces like water, snow, sand, glass, cement, even grass and all shiny ones reflect the sun’s rays causing even more damage. Altitude enhance the sun rays so be very careful if you are outside in the mountains.

 THOU SHALT NOT covet your neighbour’s skin. 
Your genes play a major role in how your skin looks and feels. Proper skin routines and STAYING OUT OF THE SUN will make your skin look healthy and beautiful in its own way. 

 THOU SHALT NOT look at the pictures in the magazines of beautiful anorexic looking YOUNG models and believe that all women should look like that. 
The photos are taken in perfect lighting, they use perfect make-up application, spend three hours getting their hair done and their teeth bleached, then the picture goes through digital enhancement and air brushing until it creates the perfect image.

 THOU SHALT NOT buy products over the internet from unreliable sources, during your friend’s “beauty party” at home or through TV shopping channels. 
These people are not trained to give you the best advice. Most of the time they will sell you anything as long as you buy something because they get commission on each and every sale they do, irrespective if the product contains caviar or baking soda.

  THOU SHALT remove ALL make-up every night before going to sleep.
 The body heal and repair itself only during sleep and the skin will absorb and make the most use of any treatment creams applied at night.

  THOU SHALT not squeeze, pick and hassle your skin until it is red, swollen and has irritated spots all over. It creates scarring and pigmented areas that can take months to heal, if at all.

 THOU SHALT not slather your body in cream until you look like a marshmallow. 
More is Not better. Use the creams sparingly and apply a little more if the first application is not enough to feel comfortable. You will only waste a lot of money and products if you overdo the application.

 THOU SHALT NOT exfoliate more than once a week, no matter what the lady in the shop tells you. 
Our outer skin layers can take up to 45 days to replace itself and if you rub and scrub the poor things off every day, you WILL get red, irritated and sensitised skin. THOU SHALT love yourself, ever minute of every day. We are all special and we all have endearing qualities, so let no one tell you differently.
Please be gentle to body, mind and spirit-Namaste 

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