Wednesday, May 6, 2015

How to remove your eye make-up without trauma and tears…

Follow these easy steps to stress-free makeup removal:

  • Use a good salon make-up remover and damp cotton wool, as some of the cotton wool feels like abrasive pads on the skin when dry. 
  • Soak the cotton wool in the make-up remover and place over the eyelids. Wait 5 to 10 seconds for the make-up to softens, then gently stroke the eye lashes from base to tip to remove the mascara. 
  • Then stroke softly (not rub and scrub!) from the inside to the outside corner of the eye. 
Be gentle with skin around your eyes

  • Repeat this process until all make-up is removed. If there is still be some stubborn make-up, especially eyeliner around the lashes, use an ear bud (Q-tip) soaked in the remover and gently wipes it away. 
  • Now you can cleanse your whole face with your skin specific cleanser. Use a gentle toner and the correct eye cream for your age and gently tap it on the eye bone.

Products to try:
Vitaderm Gentle Eye Make-up Remover
Removes water resistant and smudge-proof makeup

TheraVine™ Ultimate Eye Make-up Remover
Ultra fine oils formulated to delicately help remove stubborn eye make-up whilst moisturising the eyelids.

Vitaderm Pre-Cleanse
Highly effective pre-cleanser

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