Friday, October 27, 2017

Product review: TheraVine™ Face Muscle Relaxant Ampoules

AGB Salon reviews are written by a trained beautician with first-hand experience with the product as well as interactive feed-back from clients for more than 13 years.

Product description:
This age-defying, satiny smooth serum contained in an ampoule targets the formation of lines and wrinkles caused by skin folding due to the contraction of facial muscles as well as natural ageing. It contains a clinically proven active, Argireline®, which has shown to reduce the skin depth of wrinkles by up to 50% within 30 days. It is a milder and safer atlernative to Botox.

How to use: Cut the tip of the ampoule and squeeze the contents into your hand. Gently massage into the forehead and expression lines around the eye and mouth.

Active ingredients
Argireline®-Acetyl Hexapeptide-3:  It reduces the depth of wrinkles caused by the contraction of the muscles of the facial expression up to 50% in 30 days

General comment/s: These ampoules have a “ready-to-use” dosage contain within, so it is easy to use without any waste.

Evaluation Keys:                 
Product effectiveness         = Does it do what it says
Value for money                 = Good value compared to similar products
Advanced Ingredients        = Modern technologically advanced ingredients
Skin Effect                         = How does it feel
Absorption                        = Does it absorb into the skin

AGB Salon Review
Product effectiveness:      95%
Value for money:              90%
Advanced Ingredients:      95%
Skin Effect:                       90%
Absorption:                      95                          
Overall rating:                   93%

Best used with: TheraVine™ Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream and TheraVine™ Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream

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